Tipping Point: Turn Your Life Around

Date Posted: 21-07-2018

Let's be honest.

Time and again, we set a blueprint of goals, chart out exciting agendas and then run in life with a truckload of positivity but somewhere down the road we stumble, felt defeated, get dispirited and then go back to bed dog-tired.

Then we would say to ourselves, “Exhaustion meant it is over, fatigue meant it’s not for me. I’ve had enough”

Oh, that’s totally untrue. It’s a habitual fallacious thinking. It is a recurrent limiting belief that strips away our chance towards success and greatness.

Success resides at the end of the road – that one which we did not reach because we gave up when we’re jaded. We gave up too soon.

My friend, my message to you is this: Don’t stop when you’re tired. Stop when you’re done.

You must never give up until you advance in work and triumph in life.

Sustained success is not an erroneous idea. Rather, it is a fruit of sheer will and volition and a clear commitment to become a better person than you were before.

Some people (or most people) wait for that turning point. Like an alcoholic who saw his son fall into the same addiction as his and so decided to change, a busy parent who finally noticed her child strayed away so she gave time, a bitter woman who wasted decades away before she finally lets go.

Don’t look out for a tipping point. Don’t wait for a turning point before you change the direction of your life. Create it, because you can.

If there’s one perfect example of someone who persists to get ahead in life despite of numerous rejections and failures, it probably is Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group and was the richest man in China.

Jack Ma came from humble beginnings. When he took the college entrance examinations, he failed twice. He applied to Harvard University 10 times, all failed. He got a number of rejections including one from KFC until he was finally hired as a teacher at a local university where he made a mere $12 a month. He even said in an interview that nobody believes that he would be successful because he thinks differently and crazily.

And that’s exactly the history that made him decide that if circumstances won’t dance in congruence with his aspirations then so be it. He will succeed anyway regardless of whatever it is on his way.

He knew in his heart that there is something out there for him even if his current situation back then was telling him otherwise. His tipping point was his unrelenting desire to move forward even when the world doesn’t cooperate. His tipping point was his hunger.

He started Alibaba Group in his apartment by inviting and convincing 17 of his friends to invest in his vision of putting up this online marketplace and the rest is history. His accomplishment is a product of sheer determination, hard work and total belief that he will succeed if he just keep on moving.

And that’s it right there. You don’t have to wait for the tipping point or the big break before you act great, because success starts when you begin to move little by little and keep on moving forward. If you would ever fall, that’s okay, fall forward and learn.

Adversity and struggles, they are all prerequisite of progress. You cannot advance at work and triumph in life without these ingredients. What is success anyway without struggle?

And so wake up. Let us not drift through life, let us live life with the fullness of our intentions. Do not be passive, be proactive and intentional.

Agree with me or not, everyone, you and me included, we all have a purpose in life, we have certain hunger that needs to be satisfied. There’s something out there that awaits us. And so let’s get up and chase it before life is over. And let us chase it now.

Your turning point is not a product of a heartbreaking moment in life; rather it is a fruit of that moment when you realize that life is a product of your choices. It’s a moment of total awareness and a time of awakening. And how does that awakening happen? It happens when you incessantly ask yourself of your purpose and ultimate desire.

If you want to manufacture your tipping point now, then ask yourself today. What is your deepest why? What is your hunger? What is at stake if you don’t attain your aspirations? The answers to these questions are the shake you need.

Life follows your design. If you can create it now, why wait later? Greatness is always a choice, just keep moving.


To Your Breakthrough,