Your Best Version Ever

Date Posted: 04-08-2018


New beginnings, it’s one of the common desires we humans have. We’re excited with the concept of starting anew; wiping the slate clean and remaking our daily lives. But how eager are we and why do we want to unleash the best in us? This is a good and potent question to ask ourselves with.


Every answer surfaced from a question. Which then teaches us that for us to be able to get the answers or results we badly want to emerge in our lives, we must first ask ourselves this propelling question – why.

Whatever we do is an answer to our why. One of us went to college of engineering because his parents want him to be like them. Some of us joined a tennis club because he aspires to be the next Roger Federer. A man gave up his career in exchange of a missionary life because he felt he was called for such cause. Whatever we do, there is a reason behind it. The only difference is how strong is that reason? How deeply engraved within us and how magnificently captivating that reason appears before us marks the humungous difference.

The things we engage ourselves with, do we love them or these are just sacrifices we do to please the people around us? What propels us the most must never come from the outside - our circle of connections; it must dwell from within – our core, ourselves. Never be trapped by the requests of the people around you and don’t ever live your life based on their impositions. Rather be audacious to express the truest and fullness of yourself.

You’ll be able to know your deepest why by tracing the roots of your unforgettable pains and insatiable hunger. Your drive and your frustrations will define your revolutionary why. And no one could teach you that. Only one person could identify your why, and that is yourself.

Once you pinpoint your drive and reposition your pains of the past in a way beneficial for your future then that’s the time you ask yourself the “best question ever”. For you to create your best version ever you need not only your why but also your best question ever.

Why is the propelling question, it’s the question that starts your engine. But the best question ever is the guiding question. It’s the question you need to ask in every situation you are in. If there is one question that can foolproof your life, this comes to be the closest.

From the book of Andy Stanley, The Best Question Ever, he delivers the simple yet tremendously powerful question that will radically change every decision you make in life. And the best question is...What is the wisest thing for me to do? That packs a solid punch right there. What is the wisest thing you could do in every facet of life, in every scenario, in every challenge you might be facing in life right now? Ask yourself that question and be amazed how gradually you’ll go from ordinary to extraordinary.

Wisdom will always lead you to the best path, to becoming the best and the remarkable you. In life, you need not to do extraordinary things to be great, you just need to do ordinary things extraordinarily well and that will lead you to becoming exceptional. And one ordinary question can spark that inner greatness. Ask yourself that question and carry it out well.


To Your Breakthrough,